JOCYLEN SEGOVIA – Physicians Assistant

Jocelyn Segovia physicians assistant Dr Michael Elkanich

Jocylen is the physician assistant at Dr. Elkanich’s practice so you can expect to see a lot of her when you come in for an appointment. For patients who require surgery as part of their spinal, bone, or joint treatment, Jocylen will be in the surgical setting with Dr. Elkanich assisting him, which is one of her favorite parts of the job. Jocylen likes coming into work every day and getting the chance to teach patients about their spine issues in an empathetic and educational manner. Jocylen has been happily married for ten years and enjoys helping her kids grow into confident individuals.

CHRIS FEDERER – Office Manager

Chris Federer Office Manager Dr Michael Elkanich
Chris is responsible for scheduling surgeries with Dr. Elkanich so when it comes time to schedule your surgery, you are likely to talk to her. She has been working with Dr. Elkanich for more than ten years and is also responsible for the practice’s day-to-day operations. She truly appreciates the unique challenges associated with helping patients get ready for their surgeries and seeing the positive results following every procedure. This is more than just a job for Chris as she was actually a patient of Dr. Elkanich. She used to have severe leg and back pain that stopped her from following her passion, showing horses. After a successful surgery, she can once again show her Grand Prix Dressage Horse and make the most of her free time. This puts Chris in a special position since she can understand exactly what Dr. Elkanich’s patients are going through and provide proof that his surgical techniques deliver the promised results.

APRIL – Patient Coordinator

April Patient Coordinator Dr Michael Elkanich

April is an MA for Dr. Elkanich and is also the patient coordinator. She makes sure that all patient activity is well coordinated so everyone who visits the practice receives the personal attention they deserve. April loves the chance to get to help people on a daily basis and appreciates the opportunity to learn new things every day she comes into work. In her free time, April enjoys listening to music and attending concerts. She also loves cooking and can maybe even tell you some of her favorite recipes if you get to your next appointment with Dr. Elkanich early.